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Affiliations & Partnerships

Working together with organzations to achieve greater impact.

Kansas Leadership Center (KLC)

Thomas Stanley, Director of Initiatives KLC

The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities. Beginning in 2007, KLC has trained thousands of Kansans at all levels on how to lead more effectively. KLC is generously funded and supported by a core operating grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. Together they believe more leadership creates healthier Kansas communities. Their hearts, purpose and primary focus are on Kansans.

Scholarships Available through Ali Foundation and Kansas Leadership Center

Ali Foundation, in partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center, is proud to offer participant scholarships to attend First-class Leadership Training Programs to qualified candidates. Granted a $10,000 Leadership Transformation Grant in 2016 and a $15,000 Leadership Transformation Grant in 2017 by Kansas Leadership Center (KLC), eligible individuals are over the age of 21 who live or work in the state of Kansas. Participant scholarships are available for any core KLC program in 2017 to individuals, organizations, and civic entities interested in:

  • Increasing capacity of individuals
  • Developing a shared language to deal with difficult challenges
  • Making more progress on tough problems

For information on 2017 Core Kansas Leadership Center Programs Offered, go to kansasleadershipcenter.org/programs 

For more information on KLC Scholarship opportunities, contact us.

KLC Grant Participants

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend You Lead Now. I especially liked the self management messages – realizing that you have a choice to make in situations that feel stressful. I have been reflecting that as I think about all the different settings in which I could experiment with the things I learned at KLC.”

~Catherine J., SoCe Life

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the KLC program, “You. Lead. Now.” It was a wonderful and transformative experience. I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to attend other KLC programs (Teaching Leadership conference, Lead for Change, etc). Thank you again for supporting this opportunity. I very much appreciate your effort support!”

~Dr. Sana M., Wichita State University, MSW, MPH, DrPh

“In my experience so far “Lead for Change” was the best and most beneficial of the programs at KLC. I do appreciate the Ali foundation allowing me to go, and I did get some review and some ideas to help the teachers develop, but comparing it to the other workshop it was not as beneficial.”

~William Barton, Principal Annoor School

“Thank you very much for this great opportunity. I learned so much about leadership, much more than I ever expected. It definitely helped me to more forward in my professional growth and I would hope that I could continue on that path at some later point. It was definitely an
asset in particular with regard to the transformational qualities to KLC aspires to”.

~Jens Kreinath Dr.Phil Assoc Prof WSU

“The KLC program taught me the value of leadership, and how it plays a big role in the professional world. It also taught me the significance of dealing with world issues by being in peer presentations. Therefore, Im highly glad that I attended the KLC program.

~ Hamza Abid, student MIS WSU

“The program “You. Lead. Now.” was well-designed for an audience coming from the most different areas of profit and non-profit world. It was an enrichment for me to come together with people working in a variety of sectors. The most valuable part of the program was for me the peer consultation. The reason is I had to think through problems very different from the ones I come across normally.”

~ Refika Sarionder Kreinath

“Every session was beneficial but I really enjoyed the Peer Consultation Group sessions to better understand how to solve my problem that has to do with the Islamic Society of Wichita Youth. The manage yourself session was very insightful as well because it allowed for me to identify my triggers and how to deal with them. I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate.

~ Maha Madi, Psychology student KU