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Affiliations & Partnerships

Working together with organzations to achieve greater impact.

Wichita State University Leadership Academy

Professor Peter A. Cohen, Ph.D., President, GLC

In April 2007 the Leadership Academy was first established in the College of Health Professions under the leadership and direction of former Dean Dr. Peter Cohen. Dr. Cohen developed a year-long program designed to foster the development of future leaders within the college with the long-term vision of the Academy to collaborate with the university to be actively involved in providing leadership to the community in Wichita and the surrounding region.

Since 2008, the Leadership Academy has expanded beyond the College of Health Professions and has graduated many fellows that have been instrumental leaders in growth, change or quality improvement on several college, university and community initiatives. The Academy is now a recognized change agent housed in the university’s Academic Affairs sector.

The objective of the Leadership Academy is to empower students to develop special talents and attitudes that will enable them to become effective social change agents. Considering the pace of change in society, leadership would be our most significant challenge in the 21st century.

KLA goal:

  • To establish a Tripartite association between Ali Foundation, Wichita State University and Kansas Leadership Center is in process to promote leadership programs to overseas Universities/Institutions.